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Raw Beauty Captured In Art

The Earth and it's bounty inspires every aspect of North Park life. From adventuring in the high country to living in the "one horse town" of Walden, everything raw and simple sheds a light on how blessed we are to have this place in our life. For one local artist, the more natural and organic the better. The roots of mountain life have inspired her to share the beauty of North Park in her passions.

Amy Symonds is an artist extraordinaire, growing up in the North Park area in an abandoned fluorspar mine near Kings Canyon. Her childhood life of collecting natures goods, exploring the rocky terrain of her back yard and being immersed in the beauty of creation led her down a creative path to share the soul of mother nature.

The unique and one of a kind creations can be found in rugged styled jewelry using porcupine quills, leather, claws and fur. If it is raw and organic Amy creates masterpieces that reflect her mountain lifestyle. Her intricate painting can be found on many pieces of her work, not limiting herself to jewelry. Amy has an amazing gift in hand painting skulls that bring a new life to natures creatures. Her woven tapestries are another fine example of how her art is inspired by the bounty of mountain treasurers. Her handmade bags are yet another reflection of the artful skill she has in capturing the natural world into her work.

The designs she has created have become well known and followed by many. Her exclusive skull collection has been showcased in Urban Outfitters in Malibu, Ca and New York City, NY. Her jewelry is carried in boutiques in both Colorado and California. She created Calamity Pass Trading Company to share her work. At one time she operated a boutique in Steamboat Springs, but now works out of the studio in her Kings Canyon home where she is closer to what inspires her the most.

Please read more about Amy in her exclusive interview with Urban Outfitters here. You can also find her work on her website,

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