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A Secluded Gem At Teal Lake

Teal Lake

There are so many hidden gem lakes tucked away in the mountains here in North Park. A treasure in the woods we cherish is Teal Lakes located at 9000’ and just 30 minutes west of the town of Walden.

Teal Lake is 50 acres of sparkling beauty and tucked away in the Rocky Mountains that make up the Continental Divide bordering western Jackson County. The trout fishing in this serene setting is good enough to keep visitors returning year after year, but also close by are several magnificent trail heads. The Grizzly Helena trail is just one of those that leads you on a wild ride through the wonderful back country of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Mount Zirkel Wilderness area.

Teal Lake only allows electric and non-motorized boats making the lake a calm and serene environment to enjoy. There are 17 campsites available to enjoy and one large use area fit for up to 30 people. The rocky shoreline makes fishing easy access and comfortable to to fish from the shoreline. There are picnic areas dotting the landscape and even a vault toilet available.

If the seclusion gets to you, wait briefly and wildlife is sure to join you at your campsite. From Moose and Black Bear to Eagles and chipmunks, wildlife is numerous in this sheltered area of North Park.

Teal Lake is a beautiful addition to add to your last minute summer camping destinations. It is easy to access from Memorial Day until after the first snowfall in mid autumn. Once the snow covers the road the area will become a playground for snowmobilers and winter camping enthusiasts.

We invite you to share pictures and stories from an adventure you have taken in North Park, especially this hidden gem we call Teal Lake.

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