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My entire life I have watched my parents hustle to make the extra buck for our family. My dad owned and operated two businesses, while restoring vintage cars and houses on the weekends. My mom has worked for our family industrial insulation company and pushed the importance of education and home life balance. The hustle must of rubbed off because I have always worked to bring home a little bit more.

I worked at our family pawn shop showing jewelry and guns since I could see above the counter, helped my dad flip houses during school breaks, I was a full time Certified Nursing Assistant the last two years of high school, and held permanent craft booth throughout college and my first years of teaching. When I moved to North Park three and half years ago, I knew I needed to make the extra buck, but at the time I was trying to stay afloat with all my new roles in a new school district.

While on maternity leave, I wanted to bring home some extra money for my family. I looked at many companies, and kept a few things in mind. I knew I couldn’t sell clothes because I hate trying them on, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a primer and highlighter when it comes to makeup, and while I love to cook I don’t know the difference between a ramekin and a casserole dish besides the size. The most important thing of all though, I wanted a company that was based in the USA and would to keep it that way.

That’s when I found a company I fell in love with, Chloe & Isabel. This company was perfect, made and designed in the USA, started in WY, empowered women, and every item came with a lifetime guarantee. Upon first glance I fell in love, then I saw that they were a bit pricy. I went ahead and watched a training video, and that was the deciding factor. While a necklace might cost a little more, it converts to nine different looks with patented clasps. If i have learned anything from my parents, it’s that people love a good deal!

I started with Chloe & Isabel in January, and I haven’t looked back. I am so excited to bring this company to North Park. Living in a small town I rely on my online boutique, and online and in home parties. I enjoy helping others host parties and getting to know my community more. I am proud to bring home some extra money for my family, and support a local USA company. Small towns have something many places have forgotten about, American Pride & supporting your neighbors.

Thank you to everyone who have made purchases, held parties, or helped get my boutique name out there. If you are looking to treat yourself to american made, guarantee backed, quality made jewelry, give me a shout out!

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