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Fishing and Ice Conditions Report

Fishing/ Ice Conditions Report

Lake John/Delaney Butte/Cowdrey Lakes

29, January, 2018

Not much change over the past week at the lakes. This past week our average low temperature was 13 degrees and our average high temperature was 31 degrees. Our wind average this past week was 32 mph. The roads are accessible to Lake John, Cowdrey and the Delaney Buttes as of today January 29, 2018. Access to Big Creek Lake is still only being done by snowmobile.

Lake John’s ice is 18” deep with solid clear ice and roughly 3-4” of snow on the ice. The fishing has slowed down during the day and seems to be more active around 9pm. Anglers are still catching during the day, just not as many as they are used to seeing. Fisherman are doing good with wax worms, night crawlers, tube jigs that are white or brown and some are even trying power bait that has successful. Atv’s, snowmobiles and many vehicles continue to venture onto the ice here at Lake John. Please continue to use caution and check the ice thickness!

North Delaney’s ice is at 17“ deep with roughly 3-4” of snow on top of the ice. South’s ice is at around 18” deep, and East’s ice is the same. We’ve heard the catching is still extremely slow at North lately and East and South are much more active for rainbows, but we haven’t heard of anything much bigger than 17”. The HD Ice Lures and larger tube jigs are doing well at the Delaney’s right now. This coming Saturday, February 3rd, is the Fishing Tournament at the Delaney’s!

Cowdrey’s ice is at 18” deep and we haven’t heard an update on the fishing over the past week.

We will keep an eye on the ice and temperatures and keep everyone posted! Please feel free to stop by and share your fishing pictures and updates with us.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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