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North Park Ice Fishing Report

Fishing/Conditions Report

Lake John/Delaney Butte/Cowdrey Lakes

14, November, 2018

Well the ice happened over night! Our temperatures dropped drastically, and we had a calm evening without wind. We went from completely open water on Monday to a full thin layer of ice Tuesday morning and as of today, November 14, 2018, Lake John has 1.5” of ice at the north boat ramp and 2” of ice heading toward the south end.

We also made a trip to the Delaney’s and Cowdrey on Monday evening and all of them are capped as well. These are thin layers of ice and not safe to be on yet.

4th Rifle Season started today, good luck to our hunters. Congratulations to Matt on his nice buck during 3rd Rifle Season.

Please don’t forget that we have a general store here and bait & tackle. The first order of Meal worms and Wax worms should be here Friday Please feel free to stop by and share your fishing pictures and updates with us. We’ve attached pictures from today’s visit to the lake!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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