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North Park Fishing Report

Ice Fishing/Conditions Report

Lake John/Delaney Butte/Cowdrey Lakes/Big Creek

16, November, 2019

Good and bad news on the lakes in North Park for ice fishing. East Delaney and Cowdrey are the only two lakes fully capped for ice fishing. Unfortunately, Lake John, North/South Delaney and Big Creek still aren’t stable with good ice and are opening more and more by the day right now due to the warm weather and wind. Please remember these conditions and ice are changing by the hour with wind and sun.

Lake John = open water to thin layer of ice 2-3” but the shorelines are opening back up making it difficult to measure. Those fishing the open shoreline water are having great success and nice fish! South end has the best chance of being ice fished but be careful going out in the early morning and then getting off the ice mid-afternoon turns tricky at the shoreline.

North Delaney = open water to 3” in some areas that are accessible to measure. Please be safe if ice fishing this lake.

South Delaney = looks a lot like Lake John with open water to this layer of ice floating around. When is crashes against the shore from wind it can measure up to 3”, again please be safe if venturing onto this lake.

East Delaney = capped with 3-5” of ice depending on area.

Cowdrey = capped with 3-5” of ice depending on area.

Big Creek = 85% open water still with thin layers of ice floating around.

4th Rifle Season is currently under way! Congratulations to those who have been successful so far!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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