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How Do You Feed Your Soul?

How do you feed your soul?

For some, it may be finding a spiritual connection on a Sunday morning sitting in filtered stained glass worshiping. Others feed their soul in God’s creation on the water or during a mountaintop rendezvous. Just being in North Park can feed ones soul and rejuvenate the spirit. The fresh air and lack of traffic add to the beautiful vistas and the sense of community that bring peace to many the use our home as a retreat.

This weekly feature titled “Feed Your Soul” will share a new venue where those seeking a spiritual outreach can hear the stories, find the places and reconnect to find peace and fulfillment.

Big Creek Lake Chapel at Ice Off

North Park has a number of churches from nondenominational to Methodist and even Southern Baptist. There’s individuals that live the word and witness to others through their actions. Your soul may be fed by giving to and caring for others. Those are the kinds of stories I’d like to share. Has your soul been fed by random acts of kindness or a deed that’s been paid forward? I invite you to share your experience that feeds the soul as a guest blogger on A series of pictures that enlightens your spirit and fills you with hope can be enough to feed your soul.

I hope you use this as an invitation to share with me what “Feeds Your Soul” about North Park in this beautiful place we love and cherish.

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