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Ice Fishing/Conditions Report

Lake John/Delaney Buttes

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Good morning! We are continuing with the spring weather here in North Park and had a gorgeous past week here, but we want to let all of you know that there is currently no open water on any North Park Lakes yet. We are hoping to see open water on Lake John and the Delaney Buttes by mid to late April.

Area Lakes are still pushing about 22-24 inches of good ice, however if you hit one of the sunny, warmer days, the top 6-8 inches will be slush by mid-morning. All these lakes have roughly 5-6 inches of snow on top of the ice and then that layer of slush under the snow. Main roads are plowed and mostly pavement or dirt, however you can expect entrance roads and parking areas adjacent to the lakes to get sloppy and even muddy due to the melting while things warm up as the day progresses. For several weeks now, vehicles are no longer traveling Lake John’s or the Delaney’s ice surface due to the slush/snow on top, snow machines are still doing well. The road to the south end of Lake John was plowed 2 days ago so people are excited to be able to fish further south right now.

Fishing at Lake John right now has slowed down. Of course, some days and some fishermen are better than others, but at the present time the trout aren’t cooperating easily, they are taking some more convincing. If the bite does happen to be slow, change your presentation and depth until you encounter your quarry. Lately, the target has had a liking for an atomic teaser or lure with a piece of meat. Meal worms, night crawlers or a wedge of shrimp are all good choices. Some days they want it moving, some days they don’t.

North Delaney is reporting to be slower fishing as well right now, with South being slightly more active and East being the most active.

Have a great weekend!!! We attached a picture of the full moon we had this past week and a cute snowman that was made on the lake It’s hard to see but it’s there in the left bottom corner!!!

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