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Finding Humor Here Feeds My Soul

Stock Calving Image from Bing

Growing up as a “townkid” from Walden, I did not have much more experience with calving season than what I had gained by an occasional sleepover with Tawnya Quick at the LonePine Ranch.

A few years ago, I was on my way to Steamboat. As I topped Peterson Ridge, I found myself in a spring snowstorm. A pitch black silhouette against the whiteout quickly caught my eye. I slowed down in disbelief of what I was seeing.

A big black mama cow was standing in the middle of the field with a baby calf hanging halfway out of her.

I called my friend Kathy McKay and left a frantic voicemail pleading for help for this mama and her baby.

In a panic, I continued on my way to seek help. A few minutes later I spotted it. A sight for sore eyes, Blaine Evans and Mike Telck would surely be able to help this poor cow….. in labor, alone, in a spring snowstorm!

I slammed on my breaks to report to these men what I had witnessed only a few miles back. I exclaimed to them that they needed to go help! I figured being men they maybe didn’t understand the urgency of this poor female in labor. I repeated to them the circumstances, only this time louder and much more animated.

Upon completion of my great performance, Blaine tilted his head slightly, smiled a little crooked smile and simply replied, “Hayle, that is the way we like it.” :/

Hayle and daughter Ashley

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