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Let Laughter Do The Healing

This weekend what ails you will be healed. At least temporarily. When something goes wrong with your home, health or life, people in North Park step up and help. Regardless of how long you've lived away from "the Park" you remain connected and have the sense of belonging, in turn, the urgency to help where help is needed. In this case it's a fundraiser for someone who made a life out of helping and taking care of the kiddos in Walden.

Bonnie helping her granddaughter, photo by Courtney McMahan

Bonnie McMahan spent many years working in the North Park Schools keeping our classrooms in tip top shape and spreading love to all that encountered her. She greeted young and old with a smile and a hug. Her work ethic is unmatched as well as her love for her school and community. Bonnie has fought a battle with diabetes for quite some time and recently had her leg amputated. This has changed many things about her daily life, but not her spirit. One student she followed in the halls, sweeping up pine needles and grease smudges, is returning this weekend to bring a little laughter to our community in an effort to help Bonnie out.

"Matt Shuler and I have been talking about putting together a show for years, and the opportunity to help someone like Bonnie really motivated us," Comedian Jared Ewy shared. "Sometimes other parts of the world don't quite get the North Park experience, so it'll be nice to share with people who get it."

Flyer by Matt Shuler

Many already know Jared Ewy as the kid from the boondocks (Gould) that hit it big and now graces radio and stages in Denver comedy clubs. If you've been a subject of his roasts, you've only gained a greater appreciation for his antics and love of life. Jared returns this Saturday to host a night of comedy in conjunction with the Jackson County Lions Club and the North Park Arts Council. The benefit will take place Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM and again in the evening at 6:30 PM at the Wattenburg Center, located at the North Park Fairgrounds.

When I asked Jared what type of show he's preparing he said, "I don't want to get cocky, but I'm betting you'll have a good time. And it's a relatively clean show. I'm limiting my use of the word manboob to six." In addition, musical entertainment will be provided by Gary and Wes Watson. Tickets are $20 a person or $30 a couple. This is a picnic dinner event. If you can't make it you can still purchase a ticket or donate to benefit the cause.

The goal of the event is to raise funds and assist Bonnie in her home and healthcare needs. Much of her life has been retrofitted as she adjusts to these changes. Sharing an evening of love and laughter will be great medicine for Bonnie and the community she loves. Any event including Jared is sure to be a tickle a few funny bones, in fact he comes with a entertainment guarantee: "If you don't laugh then I'll bale your hay for free."

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