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To me, sewing is a lost art. I’m convinced that curtains are called drapes to hide the misguided stiches in the cloth hung to adorn my windows. A straight line should be easy to follow, but for me sewing has fallen to the wayside of my talents. Lucky for me, there’s a local seamstress in town, Just Sew You Know…

Jamie Crocket with her vintage sewing maching

Jamie Crocket is handy with a needle and thread. She’s adverse to mending, creating, patching, altering, hemming, embroidering and putting the finishing touches on garments and upholstery alike. She has been sewing since a young age and has experience in most all types of it. For over 50 years she’s designed clothes, including her wedding dress. With Prom coming up around the corner she is currently busy doing alteration on spring formals. She’s also made many costumes for the EPIC Center ice skating program and former Motions Dance Academy here locally.

“There are somethings that just speak to you and those are the things I like to work on.” Her forte is clothing, but she can do it all. She’s been a seamstress in a drapery shop in Steamboat and pulled a needle through many sets of cushions, but clothing is what she likes to work with.

As I mentioned Just Sew You Know is very diverse and added a professional embroidery machine a few years ago. She’s the handiwork behind the North Park Never Summer Rodeo logo’s stitched on their shirts and also does the stitch work for the North Park Fair Board Carhartt vests. She has ball caps for the North Park Wildcats as well.

Jordan Larsen, NPHS working on her Senior Project

Her love of sewing goings farther than counting stitches though. Jamie has a passion for the lost art and is hoping to share that love with others of any age. She’s volunteered as a mentor for the North Park High Senior Project and worked with several students. One is Jordan Larsen, a Senior who is currently designing and making her own gown for prom as her Senior project. She’s worked with other Senior students and found that she has a knack for teaching.

“It has always been in the back of my mind to do a sewing class, or sort of camp to share my love of sewing. I want to help other people get better and learn everything from the basics to more complicated projects.” To fulfill this desire, Jamie has opened a “Learn To Sew” class starting April 7-8, 2017. It targets youngsters, but she hopes to get enough interest she can do several age groups and help them advance from one level to another. “Sewing is easy but many are intimidated by it,” Jamie shared. She wants to teach skills as simple as sewing on a button to more advanced clothing construction someday.

Learn To Sew with Just Sew You Know

Class size is limited to five and they are held in her sewing studio at her home. She hopes this grows into doing ongoing classes to teach more advanced skills as her students become comfortable. When asked why she’s doing this she replied, “I want people to learn a skill, have an outlet and learn what I’m passionate about.” To register or receive additional information email or call Jamie at 970-819-9906. She hopes her passion teaches a new skill and that she will leave you in stitches, Just Sew You Know…


You can find a discount coupon for hemming in the new North Park Steals -n- Deals on the Home page of

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