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Tamale Tuesday is my Favorite Day

I love Tuesday because this is when Rosa generally drops by with a smile on her face and is toting tamales in. My infatuation with the corn husk treasure has become a serious addiction and one I have no intention of ending anytime soon. Forest Gump loved shrimp. I love tamales. Tamale Salad. Green Chili Tamales. Dessert Tamales. Cheesy Beefy Tamales. Our community is so blessed to have several tamale chefs that generously share their Authentic Mexican food treasurers.

Rosa has been catering to my tamale addiction for 12 years now. Her and husband, Luciano have been living in Walden for 25 years. They've raised four incredible children here and have celebrated many successes from their education earned at North Park School District. Their children are Alex (some may know as Chico), Beatriz, Lucia, and Daisy Banuelos. Alex and daughter Lucia are both enlisted in military (Army and Navy). Daughters Beatriz and Daisy are currently in Walden along with Rosa's three grand babies, Daniel (7 almost 8yrs old), Alessandra (1 almost 2 yrs old), and Aiden (almost one year old).

Rosa began selling tamales about 16 years ago and hasn't stopped since. People love them! Rosa doesn't limit her delicious selection to just tamales. Along with tamales she cooks a variety of food including, burritos, gorditas, enchiladas, chile rellenos, and more. She also makes homemade tortillas. Tamale lovers like myself can order her yummy Mexican fare directly from Rosa. You can also find her tamales at the Shell station if you're lucky to get there before they run out.

Rosa is an entrepreneur at heart. You may remember her produce and grocery general, Rosa's Little Market on Main. When our local grocery story closed indefinitely a couple years ago Rosa saw a need and did our community a great service by opening her own little market store. I for one miss her great veggies and fruits she shared with the community. She continues to serve the needs and or cravings though with your authentic Mexican food.

Rosa and her family love living in Walden because it is small and familiar. Walden is a safe community, it is beautiful and quiet, and a place where everyone knows everybody.

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