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We Called Him The Beast

What a difference two years can make. Somethings have not changed though about a young man that grew up here, graduating at the top of his class and who now is the first in his family to attend college. Proud is truly an understatement of this young mans accomplishments and abilities. We caught up with former NPHS student, Adrian Cereceres and he shared with us where life has taken him and his appreciation for the community he grew up in.

Adrian was involved in football, wrestling and track while attending NPHS. He is an incredible athlete and shined in all three sports, helping to lead his team to state in all three as well. He was also a part of the FFA and National Honor Society. One of his great memories of service in the community was helping with the fire wood project for our seniors citizens.

I asked Adrian what was something that deeply impacted you while growing up here. His response, when Mr. Wellmen lost his lambs in the fire, we at the school and community got together and helped to replace his lambs he lost. The smile and happiness of Mr. Wellmen face is a great memory I won't forget." This memory shares a great bit of integrity about Adrian. He is a very caring, compassionate and giving individual. Adrian won many great awards, such as the Monte Blevins and was recognized a number of times as a star athlete in our athletic program. To share a moment such as this; the great loss by another yet an opportunity to share compassion and friendship. This is the type of person Adrian is.

Adrian has always been part of a great team. A team of family, friends, teammates. His most important team is his parents. He shared that "without my parents I wouldn't be the person I am today. They taught me that you never give up on a dream no matter how hard it may seem at times for to you accomplish it and they are always there for me." Adrian also recognized his teachers for helping him along the way to teach him the skills he needs in life and to also prepare him for college. Lastly Adrian recognized his community. "They say it takes a village to raise child and the village of North Park raises young good people and I'm glad that I was raised in this great community. They have help me and supported me physically, emotionally and financially."

Currently Adrian is attending college at Front Range Community College and will be earning his Associates of Arts degree in this fall and then going to for Architecture and Building Science - Associates of Applied Science degrees. We wish Adrian luck and know with his Wildcat heart he will continue to chase his dreams and make them reality.

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