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Planting Pride On Main Street

Walden is a beautiful and unique little town. It’s gone on a roller coaster ride of emotions to stay afloat and economically stable. Regardless of what ails it, Walden perseveres. I grew up in a time when it had a bustling down town; business bursting from every door down the main drag of town. Times have changed due to the economy and industry fluctuations. One thing hasn’t changed- Pride in our home town.

Carol Purcell, owner of the Westside Motel and Moose Haven Vacation Homes, along with Dave Woods are busy planting pride on the welcome right of way right now. They have taken the liberty to volunteer their time and money to refill the 15 planter basins that line the sidewalks of town with Quaking Aspen and flowers. The generosity of the North Park Area Chamber of Commerce and Town of Walden has assisted in the Main Street beautification project. The North Park FFA has taken on the task of growing the flowers that will be planted around the base of the trees. Confluence Energy has also donated a trailer load of their famous Walden Organic potting soil. (Watch for an upcoming story on Walden Organic potting soil soon!)

When asked why they are taking on this project, Carol replied “ It just looks nice to dress up Main Street. It makes people want to stop here.” Carol doesn’t own a business on Main Street but still feels the importance of adding some beauty to our streets and welcoming people as they come to town. Carol is the President of the North Park Area Chamber of Commerce and has been a business owner in Walden for over 20 years.

The planters were a beautiful addition to dress up the town 5 years ago when the North Park Visitors Bureau implemented the project. At that time, flowering Crab Apple trees dotted the landscape. Soon, the Crab Apples outgrew the containers and were taken out and planted in the Walden Cemetery. Carol volunteers her time through the growing season to drive a water cart down Main daily and keep the planters watered and maintained. If you see Carol or Woody be sure to extend a hand and tell them thanks for planting pride in our community. If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist in the maintenance of this project, please contact Carol.

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