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Free Pancakes Is An Investment In Our Community

If I had a dollar for everything I could say that is wonderful and attractive about life in North Park I would be a millionaire. There’s only one place in town I could entrust with taking care of that stash too, Mountain Valley Bank. As a business, our local banking institution does just what a bank is suppose too by taking care of money and offering financial services to consumers and businesses in the area. Our bank is just a little different though. Mountain Valley Bank goes above and beyond to define the term “business integrity.”

How many banks do you walk into that give your free popcorn along with a warm smile and great customer service? Ours does. They also like to feed us pancakes! THIS morning the bank ladies will be set up in their park adjacent to the bank providing a FREE morning meal to their community. They do a lot of things locally to show they care and get involved. For one, they are a huge supporter of the North Park Never Summer Rodeo and sponsor an event, as well as have a float in the parade annually. In two weeks, you will find them at the North Park Fair clerking the Junior Livestock Sale AND spending a great deal on market livestock they buy to support the youth in the 4H and FFA programs. The numerous ways they get involved and support our community is endless from donating gift cards to the After-Prom Party to giving support to students needing uniforms or traveling.

Mountain Valley Bank is known to make a celebration out of anything too. It is common to walk in and find the lobby decorated for spontaneous unknown holidays, such as “National Rubber Ducky Day.” The ladies working the bank are a class act and have a profound sense of adventure always providing a great laugh during Halloween with their themed costumes. We are fortunate beyond measure to have not just a good bank that works for its community, but a business that has integrity to the core and offering service with a smile.

Our local branch of Mountain Valley Bank is just one of four Colorado branches. Other branches reside in Hayden, Meeker and Steamboat Springs. They are part of larger network of banking institutions belonging to the Platte Valley Bank Corporation. I’m unsure how the others operate as far as customer service and business integrity, but here in North Park we are blessed as the ladies here set the bar high.

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