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To A Good Cook

Snow has finally blanketed the valley of North Park and signs of the holiday season are decorating the community. The courthouse looks marvelous decorated and lit up, as well as the Town Hall star beaming over the town. Parties are happening and open houses are in full swing. No holiday season would be complete though without the delivery of the little orange bag from Corkle Oil Company.

Corkle Vintage Temperature Gauge

For over 50 years the tradition of sharing the bag of goodies has been something all customers of Corkles Oil look forward to year after year. I was in the Corkle Oil office a few days ago and my day was made when owner, Trish greeted me with a smile and presented me with my orange gift bag of treasures. Anyone that’s lived in North Park can relate why this annual gift is so special. They are sure to have a healthy collection of kitchen utensils that are mainstays in their own kitchens!

I know in my own kitchen I’ve got dozens of items ranging from cheese knives, pasta forks, my favorite trusty paring knives (I covet these!) and even an ice scraper I remember receiving about 15 years ago. The Corkle Kitchen Collection, as we’ve coined it in our home, is well known and much appreciated year after year.

“I think Papa George was giving away stuff in the 70’s if not earlier. People have come across the “Corkle” utensils in Grand Junction, Laramie and Fort. Collins,” shared Trish. One of the oldest items on record is a temperature gauge and the phone number inscribed is only 2 digits. That should date the tradition that has been known to take care of their customers and be a reminder to family chefs through the Park that they’re a GOOD COOK!

A collection of "Good Cook" items

This year the treasure in the bottom of the bright orange bag, I eagerly discovered, was a cool new grill brush. I’m happy to take it home and add to my wonderful collection. If you have a item from the Corkle Kitchen Collection you would like to share, I’m creating a display to donate to the North Park Pioneer Museum as a piece of our local culture that many have treasured. Please send an EMAIL if you wish to donate to the collection.

Thank you to the Corkles for keeping tradition alive in North Park. Winter or not, it’s time to go fire up the grill now!

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