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Cold Hands, Warm Hearts On The Ice

Ron Sessions Memorial Ice Golf Tournament

If you were one of the 120+ people to brave the blustery wind and frigid cold temperatures then you understand the depth of community patriotism that exists in North Park. Patriots of the Ron Sessions Frosty Pines Memorial Ice Golf Tournament tredge across the frozen fairways today pulling homemade caddys, built with beer coolers and golf clubs in mind. The Jackson County Lions Club started the event 16 years ago as a fundraiser to carry out the work of the organization. Medical care, scholarships, and other community service activities are funded by this event held the last weekend in January annually.

Mayor, Jim Dustin shared that the event originally started as a conversation that began in the bar between him and another local resident, Ron Sessions. Jim has been the brain behind the project, while Sessions offered the muscles to carry out building the fairways on Walden Reservoir using heaving equipment from his construction company. Originally the event was called Frosty Pines Golf Tournament, receiving its’ name from the landscape of Christmas trees that decorate the flattest golf course in the country. When Sessions passed from Leukemia several years ago, naturally the event took on his name. Business integrity and community service where the heart of Ron Sessions.

Ron Sessions Memorial Ice Golf Tournament

Participants enjoy the camaraderie on the ice annually and travel thousands of miles to gather their teams on one of the coldest weekends of the year to putt tennis balls across the 18 hole course. The event kicks off with a calcutta event on the eve of the event. The motels fill up, evident when you see the number of cars parked on the east end of the lake when the event begins. It’s become as much of a tradition to the community as the North Park Never Summer Rodeo. The cheeks and hands of this elite golfing event crew may be cold but their hearts are warm as they continue to support another year of ice golf in Jackson County where community pride and patriotism live on.

Thank you to the community members, businesses, and above all the warm hearted participants for continuing to make the tradition of ice golf one of the best events in Jackson County year after year. For more information, contact the Jackson County Lions Club.


Watch a live video of the event on's Facebook Page.

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