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North Park Ice Fishing Report

Lake John/Delaney Butte/Cowdrey Lakes

26, March, 2018

Hello! Open water fishing is currently in progress on the north end, west side and south boat ramp of Lake John. A small boat or personal water craft would be acceptable. The very far southeast corner still had ice fisherman yesterday, but the ice is melting quickly. Fishing has been more active with powerbait off the bottom then lures for the last couple of days.

The west side perimeters of North and South Delaney are open water fishing and the southwest bay of the South Lake is open as well. East Delaney is most open water of the three.

Roads around all three lakes are decent and passable with a few muddy spots depending on moisture we are receiving from day to day. The road from Lake John, north to Cowdrey is open, but could suddenly become greasy and nasty depending on weather.

We will visit the lakes again in a day or two, including Cowdrey and Big Creek (if possible) and post another update!

Please don’t forget that we have a general store here and bait & tackle! We also have cabins available if you are wanting to stay out at the lake! Call us for a reservation.

We will keep an eye on the ice and temperatures and keep everyone posted! Please feel free to stop by and share your fishing pictures and updates with us.

Enjoy your week and we hope to see you see soon!

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