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Books by Jim Dustin

**EDITORS NOTE** Jim Dustin is well known for many things. He's our "mostly" honorable Mayor, a community leader in civic organizations such as the Jackson County Lions Club, a professional photographer and a published writer. Many know Jim as the former Editor-Owner of the Jackson County Star. His wit is wrapped up in several great tales that all speak for themselves. He has a description of his current works, as well as an announcement for his upcoming releases at the tail of this tale. For more information on adding Dustin's work to your library, click on the book to email Jim. His books are also sold on in the "BOOK STORE".

"No Humans Were Hurt" by Jim Dustin

“No Humans Were Hurt, and Other Stories from The Jackson County Star Police Report”

On Feb 22, 2004, a car hit an owl on Highway 125 north of Walden. The owl then perched on the car’s mirror and screeched at the driver. After spewing out a great deal of fowl language, the owl flew off.

On Jan. 25, 2003, an individual reported losing a cell phone that was later found in his dog’s mouth. Wonder why the dog didn’t come when he was called?

On Sept. 12, 1998, a person lodged a fishhook in his own ear. EMTs performed a lobe-otomy.

These are actual incidents taken from the Police Report as published in The Jackson County Star newspaper over eight years in Walden, Colorado. Author Jim Dustin, who owned the newspaper, used his wit (some would say only half his wit) to put his own twist on the mundane and his own interpretation on the sometimes ridiculous calls made to the local sheriff’s office.

Dustin is a journalist who has won a ton of awards for writing and reporting, including state and national awards for his humor column. He said the best compliment he ever received for No Humans Were Hurt was this: “I can sit down in the bathroom, pick up the book and open it to any page and start reading. It makes my morning.”

"Dog Tales" by Jim Dustin

Dog Tales

Have You Lost Your Best Friend?

Well, there’s a chance you haven’t. We all know that dogs are special creatures indeed, and they may, or probably should go to special places after death. “Dog Tales” will take you to some of those places.

Here you will find Buck, who was a coward in life but something much, much more in death; and Jake, whose love for his mistress transcended time and space; and Sam, who was not exactly sent on a mission from God, but it was a heavenly task; and Wrecks, just a big silly galoot of a dog, or so it seemed. You’ll meet those dogs and others in seven stories that burst from the imagination (and a little bit of real life) of Jim Dustin, certified dog lover.

(P.S. Your dog would want you to buy this book )

"How Frank the Dog Saved the World" by Jim Dustin

"How Frank the Dog Saved the World, And Later the Galaxy"

This is a story that could happen tomorrow.

We know there are perhaps 8 billion earth-like worlds in just our own galaxy. It’s not hard to imagine many of them produced intelligent life, and such life might be technologically far in advance of ours.

There is also evidence that aliens may have visited our planet and meddled in our affairs in the distant past. Well, suppose they return and don’t like the way we’ve turned out? You could wake up one morning, turn on the news, and find out aliens have landed on the White House lawn and are about to put all of humanity on trial.

And our star witness, the only creature on the planet the aliens will allow us to present as a witness, is a dog. Far-fetched, you might say with a chuckle. But this is serious. Your dog might speak well for humanity, but what about that guy down the street who chains up his dog so it has to lie out in the hot sun all day. Or the puppy mill owner who drowns the little ones that won’t sell because of cosmetic defects. Or the owners who take their dog far out in the country to dump it on some lonely road to be killed and eaten by coyotes.

What if the aliens call on one of those dogs to speak for humanity?

Well, they did. They called on Frank, and this is his story.

Coming Soon:

Stories of Startelment

Seven stories from the sometimes twisted imagination of Jim Dustin, including:


The government could do a lot, lot more in the area of survelliance of its citizens. The question is: Are the criminals ready for this?

The Hall of Tiles

The High Sheriff of Galacia thought he had the perfect scheme to set himself up for the final hundred years or so of his life. But somebody else had a more perfect scheme.


How are we to determine if distant planets are safe for human habitation? Send a few brave souls ahead, is how. Here is one of their stories.


In a parallel universe where the Roman Empire has survived and flourished, a portion of it is threatened by an army from the north.


The most monumental project in the history of the planet boils down to one small but extremely deadly insect.


Doing the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year could be hazardous to your health.

The Wendigo

Was it really something lurking in the woods, or something lurking in their minds that caused all this anguish?

The Revenge of Angus McFee

Don’t ever, ever interrupt a golfer’s stroke, even if you are an alien.


The North Park Golf Association Rules of Golf

This book is dedicated to the late Kyle Fliniau, former mayor of Walden and an avid golfer. He organized the North Park Golf Association to deal with a bunch of inconvenient and sometimes obnoxious rules put out by the United States Golf Association.

The NPGA rules are for normal golfers. For instance, there are no lost balls. We do not have a gallery of hundreds of people following us around showing us where our ball went, so why should we be punished for that? And just because a golf course doesn’t want to spend the money to buy surrounding land, why should we be penalized if our ball goes out of bounds? In the NPGA, there is no out-of-bounds.

This is not only a book of basic rules, but we provide examples on how these rules apply in actual play. Mr. Mulligan will be proud.

All books are moderately priced (probably too moderately priced) and available at Dustin Books LLC, Box 307, Walden, Colorado, 80480, or through or by calling (970) 819-5869.


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