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The Reasons YOU Should Care About Community

Jazmin Martinez, photo by Jazmin Martinez

Take a moment and think about the place you live in. What are important aspects in people’s lives? What makes people want to pull together in their community? This pull to unite in a community is called a sense of community. A sense of community is a very important aspect of life.

(I encourage you to get the Jackson County Star to read the “inside” of this essay. Editor Note)

North Park gives me a connection and a meaning to life. In school, we start building connections, to the future leaders, the future nuisances, and the future citizens. It is important that we can work together, because the community depends on us. We learn not only about our own community, but we also learn about the world, and issues that will fall upon us as world citizens. We also play sports, which begin to show us how we have to work together to succeed.

Jazmin going for the jump ball. Photo by Jeannie Jenkins

In the community, the adults begin to set the example. Any person is ready to help, whether it’s a fundraiser, an event, or a need; there is always a person who is ready to extend a helping hand. My own family moved to North Park in my 4th grade year, and we were significantly impressed by the community. My family helps me become a better version of myself through their support. This manner of being is the same, but on a grander scale in the community of North Park. My family makes me work to be like the people of North Park.

Community sense is important, community celebrations are a must, and North Park brings everything together for me. North Park is pulled together by the need to be united, to be together. Everyone in North Park works toward one goal when in the community: to be together, to show unison. This is why I say that community sense is important.

**Jazmin's entire story can be read in the Jackson County Star. She wrote this essay as part of an English assignment in Mrs. Weddle's English class at North Park High. We see this charming young lady really going places and are honored to share an excerpt from her essay. Thank you Jazmin for sharing this!

Jazmn at an FFA event

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