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Clay, Clinton, Bryce, Debbie & Blake Russell, photo by Morgan Smith Photography

Diversity best describes our family; we are Russell Ag, LLC, Clinton, Debbie, Clay, Bryce and Blake.

It has been 30 years this spring that Clinton and I moved to North Park for a summer job with Wamsley Cattle Company. Our job was to care for 3000 head of yearlings on summer grass. I look back with great admiration; we had little worries then, we would saddle up the horses, pack our lunch and ride off to care for the cattle.

It was that summer that I would find such an appreciation

Clinton Russell, Photo by Morgan Smith Photography

for the vast land scape of North Park. Clinton graduated from North Park High School in 1982 and we met while he was in college, we married in May of 1987. After working summer jobs, challenges and opportunities, we settled down to raise our family. We have 3 amazing boys that we have raised with agriculture virtues and values. They each have their own gifts and talents, they have also developed their own appreciation and roots for North Park.

Through the years we have made a successful trucking company, custom hay operation, and offer MLS; a feed supplement developed specifically for our area, but we take the most pride in raising beef. We have developed a commercial cow calf herd, made up of Angus, Hereford and Charolais. The last few years we have been able to retain our heifer calves to breed and increase our herd numbers. It is humbling to see what we have accomplished, our natural beef is available from the ranch to table; it is our goal to produce a quality product for today’s consumer.

Debbie Russell, photography by Morgan Smith Photography

Our boys are now all in college Clay (21) attends Colorado State University studying Ag Business and Entrepreneurship, Bryce (18), and Blake (18) are attending Northeastern Junior College studying Production Ag. They all look forward to coming back to North Park, being a part of their community and increasing the family businesses. We look forward to having them bring their knowledge and skills back home to North Park.

Russell Trucking


Diversity truly is the key to the Russell family success, but that's backed with hard work ethic and agriculture values. Both Clinton and Debbie have been active leaders in our agriculture community. Clinton served on the North Park Fair board and was President. He implemented strategic planning and facility upgrades that have been a huge asset to the North Park Fairgrounds. His leadership and knowledge is strong and vast.

Debbie served as a volunteer 4H leader for 15+ years in the Wranglers Livestock Club mentoring young people in animal husbandry from beef cattle to rabbit projects. Debbie also owns and operates Out West Salon which is unique itself. It is located on their ranch and services the South end/Coalmont community. Among Debbie's many talents, she bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in the country!

The Russells' beef can be found served at the Moose Creek Cafe and purchased directly from them. They have a meat locker on the ranch to provide wholesome, grass and grain fed beef to their customers. As for the Russell brood, there's a lot more great stuff to come on their boys, who are all leaders in in their field, following in some great footsteps.

The beautifully done photography is by Morgan Smith Photography. Click on the pictures for a link to her Facebook page.

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