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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Dr. Telck and family, Mike, Tristan and Aubrey

Ranching is the lifestyle I know and love. I was raised in North Park on a ranch my entire life, and I am extremely excited to raise our kids the same way. My husband Mike and I are able to lease my parents’ ranch where we run our cattle and raise our kids.

I graduated from North Park School, where our three kids Alex, Tristan and Aubrey have attended. Ranching has taught me valuable lessons that I can pass on to our kids including discipline, hard work, caring for others, and financial responsibility. Our kids are able to spend time in 4-H, riding horses, roping and moving cattle, raising various animals, gardening with me and exploring our family ranch.

Dr. Lynnette Telck on her day off

I have been very fortunate to be able to live a multifaceted life. Not only do I get to live and work on our family ranch, but I also am able to

work at a full spectrum Family Practice clinic in Walden, serving members of our community that have always been so supportive and caring. I travel to Kremmling a couple times a month to cover the emergency room and inpatient hospital which keeps my emergency skills updated and sharp.

My vacations from medicine are typically scheduled around calving, branding, haying, processing cattle in the fall and my kids’ activities. It is such a blessing to be able to both ranch and care for our community in a place that will always be home.


North Park is very fortunate to have one of their own serving the community as our Doctor. Dr. Telck has taken a great interest in the management and services of our local medical clinic to ensure that our community receive the best health care possible. For that, our community is so incredibly blessed. Outside of the clinic you will find Dr. Telck volunteering for organizations she is passionate about, one being the North Park Cattlewomens. North Park is proud to have Dr. Telck and her family choose to return to her roots and carry on the tradition with her own family.

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