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Celebrating North Park Wildflowers

The last thing that comes to mind to most North Parkers this time of year is wildflowers unless it is in a daydream as we long for warmer temperatures. Students at Walden Elementary have put their artistic skills to good use though to remind us of the amazing beauty of North Park summers and beautiful fields of wildflowers in their newest calendar.

The calendar is created by 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. The 3rd grade class included a statement about their chosen flower, while the 4th grade learned to research and document facts from online resources. All comments from the the students are provided in written form throughout the calendar.

The calendars are sold by the elementary students and proceeds from the sale go to purchase supplies for the Elementary School Pollinator Education Program. This program is a collaborative effort between the North Park Schools, USDA Forest Service, Jackson County CSU Extension Office, and Jackson County Outdoor Education Network to provide hands-on learning projects that teach about native plants, pollinators, and the interactions between organisms.

The calendar cover photo was drawn by Aiden Pittington, a 4th grader in Mikala Fletchers' class. As the winning cover image, Aiden received a wall poster of his image. The success of this program is unmeasurable. Besides being a cross-curriculm project, it also connects our students with an outdoor classroom in nature. Just another fine example of excellence in the North Park School District.

To purchase a calendar please contact the school by phone or email. We encourage you to share the beauty of our Park through the eyes of our students all year long. These make great gifts too this holiday season!

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